September 1st, 2008

eito dragon
  • mitani

Week 18: Winners

Votes for this week are counted, thanks to everyone who voted, because lots of votes helped keep this tie free ;D

First Place

by </a></b></a>kenaressa 

Second Place

by cinnamonstarr 

Third Place

by </a></b></a>cinnamonstarr 

Special Category "Best Colors"

by </a></b></a>cinnamonstarr 

Mod's Choice

by </a></b></a>gabiaya 

New theme will be posted by Ichi_ichigo_san!
& banners will be done by me :3

Week 19: Food

Yoshi~ unto the next week. Sorry, that I'm a little late. ^^;

This week's theme will be Food.
So.. use pictures in which Subaru eats, cooks, feeds someone else or just simple holds something to eat in his hands. :3

How to submit


x You may submit up to THREE Icons
x No animated Icons
x Icons must be newly made/fresh
x Icons must not be shown to public until after the voting is over
x Don't delete your Icon from your host until Voting is over
x The Icons must meet LJ requirements (not more than 40kb and 100x100)

Week 19's deadline is Friday, 5th September.

Comments are screened.